Mike Tirico Expertly Throws It To Commercial as Jason Garrett Awkwardly Adds 'Pretty nice!'


Jason Garrett filled in for Cris Collinsworth on Sunday Night Football in Week 12. At the start of the broadcast Mike Tirico explained that Collinsworth was spending the rest of the Thanksgiving weekend with his family. In Collinsworth's place, Garrett played the role of color commentator for the Baltimore Ravens - Los Angeles Chargers game.

Since Jason Garrett has the ability to make awkward television with nothing but his smile, you knew something weird would happen during the broadcast and sure enough it did. During the first half Mike Tirico was taking the game to a commercial while viewers got a view of that famous LA sunset. And that's when Garrett stepped in.

"A lot of hang time. Sunset time. The best time out here in Southern California."

That's when Garrett jumped in to add, "Pretty nice!"

Then Tirico and Garrett shared an awkward laughter as NBC went to commercial. It's that kind of thing that makes you appreciate Collinsworth and his chemistry with Tirico. After years working together he knows that when Tirico breaks out the golf voice you just let him cook.

And here you've got Garrett with a verbal case of "I'm not sure what to do with my hands." Someone needs to remind Garrett that this isn't the ManningCast. Let the pro do his job.

UPDATE: Here's another awkward moment for Garrett and Tirico.