Mike Norvell Chastises Assembled Press For Not Saying 'Good Morning' Fast Enough


The Florida State Seminoles wore shells in practice on Saturday. Coach Mike Norvell was particularly fired up about it as he ran onto the practice field saying "morning guys," to the assembled press. When no one responded fast enough, Norvell shot back, "Morning. You don't say anything back. That's fine." Meanwhile, someone has already said, "Good morning, coach."

Was Norvell joking? Perhaps. Or maybe he just expects a little extra enthusiasm from the press corps this season. I mean, this team won 10 games and the Cheez-It Bowl last season. What's not to be excited about? Just because Deion Sanders didn't waltz in and take the job doesn't mean the team shouldn't have high expectations in whatever conference FSU will still be playing in by the end of the season.

The Seminoles could be a part of the Big Ten or Big 12 at any moment so the press had better keep their heads on a swivel. Be prepared for anything. Mike Norvell certainly is. That's why he's running to practice and make sure everyone is bringing their A-game at all times. You put on the shells for protection, but you also put them on for serious preparation.

So when someone says good morning, say it back immediately! It's basic common courtesy!