Marvin Wilson and Florida State's Football Players Are Furious With Head Coach Mike Norvell [UPDATE]

Marvin Wilson, defensive tackle for the Florida State Seminoles
Marvin Wilson, defensive tackle for the Florida State Seminoles / Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Florida State football players are engaged in full-on revolt against new head coach Mike Norvell and this could get ugly.

On Tuesday, Norvell told The Athletic he had gone "back and forth individually with every player" on his roster over the weekend in response to the killing of George Floyd and the unrest it has caused. He also said his staff "had a lot of open communication" with the team. That statement he is below:

That sounds great, right? Having an open dialogue with players around a monumental issue impacting the nation -- especially when it directly concerns so many of them -- is a great decision. There's just one problem: according to a number of Florida State players, Norvell's statement was a steaming pile of bullsh*t.

Marvin Wilson is a star defensive tackle and a captain for the Seminoles. He took to Twitter Wednesday night and claimed none of what Norvell said was true:

Wow, that's insane. What kind of a psycho completely concocts a story about engaging his players about the racial injustice impacting the country? I mean, did Norvell not think his players would speak up?

Now it appears Wilson and his fellow Seminoles are going on strike and refuse to work out.

Redshirt sophomore defensive tackle Jamarcus Chatman jumped in and clearly was with his teammate:

Redshirt freshman offensive tackle Darius Washington also supported Wilson:

UPDATE: Novell met with his team today and now all seems well. Wilson posted an Instagram explaining they had a productive conversation and are ready to move forward.

Norvell also released a statement via the university.