Let's Remember That Time Mike & Mad Dog Watched 'The Horse Whisperer'

1998 Robert Redford stars in "The Horse Whisperer."
1998 Robert Redford stars in "The Horse Whisperer." / Getty Images/GettyImages

Nicholas Evans, the author of The Horse Whisperer, recently died following a heart attack. Reading his obituary reminded Connor Ennis of the New York Times about an incredible anecdote from an old Mike and the Mad Dog profile where the legendary radio duo was caught watching The Horse Whisperer in a hotel room and broke it down as only they could.

That sounds made up, but it's real. It comes from a August 2004 profile in The New Yorker.

Chris Carlin, their producer at the time, who now has a show of his own on WFAN, walked in to find them watching “The Horse Whisperer.” Carlin started to speak, but they shushed him; on the TV screen Robert Redford was breaking up with Kristin Scott Thomas. When the scene was over, Russo said, solemnly, “Mikey, he had to do it, he had to do it.”

“It was the right move, Dog,” Francesa replied. “The right move.”

If you're Chris Carlin, who now co-hosts Carlin & Canty on ESPN Radio, is there any chance you ever pass up an opportunity to share that story? Job interview, drinks with friends, blind date, in line at the DMV. I'm telling people about Mike Fracesa and Chris Russo watching The Horse Whisperer.