Mike Lindell Refuses to Leave Cyber Symposium Stage For 72 Hours, But Lunch Available in Hallway

Mike Lindell
Mike Lindell /

Mike Lindell is hosting a cyber symposium on election fraud today in South Dakota. Much like the launch of his social media platform in the spring, there have been technical difficulties that he and his friends are calling "hacks." The day started with Dominion dropping some new lawsuits and if you want to see Lindell react to anything else over the next few days, stay tuned because he has already passed up lunch, proclaiming that he would not stop streaming for the entire 72 hours.

There is so much incredible comedy in that one-minute clip. Lindell is handed a paper and then his assistant tries to pull him off stage to show him something, which may or may not be lunch. We know lunch is involved because the guy says it's time for a lunch break, which Lindell is having no part of. With some real Kevin Durant on Twitter vibes, Lindell explains what's going to happen.

"There's no breaks. We're streaming 72 hours. Live streaming. So around the world. This never stops. You guys can go eat that's fine, but I ain't eating. I'm staying up here for 72 hours before they ruin our signal."

Lindell continues to talk as a movie plays and someone comes over the PA system to inform attendees that lunch is in fact available in a back hallway, which everyone knows is the best place for a conference lunch.

Lindell apparently left the stage moments later, but his point stands.