Mike Lindell Gets Prank Call From 'Donald Trump' During Failed Frank Platform Launch

Mike Lindell hanging up on a crank caller.
Mike Lindell hanging up on a crank caller. /

Mike Lindell is trying to release his new social media platform. According to Newsweek, "FRANK" failed to launch today, for the second time in a week. Lindell blamed a cyber attack and is currently hosting a talk show of some sort on the platform's webpage as part of a 48-hour "FRANK-a-thon."

That brings us to the clips below. Lindell's phone number must be somewhere on the Internet because he is getting prank phone calls, including one that made him think Donald Trump was calling. That one (the second embedded below) has a NSFW punchline.

Lindell chalked this up to phone hacking, saying that he recognized the phone number that popped up on his phone. So either someone was able to disguise a call as coming from Trump's personal cell phone, or it's like one of those car warranty calls that come from a familiar area code. Either way, Lindell has really been forced to pivot.