Mike Gundy Apologizes, Disavows OAN Over Black Lives Matter Stance

Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State
Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State /

Mike Gundy has apologized for publicly supporting One America News, a right-wing network he has supported in the past. Current and former players roasted Oklahoma State's football coach a after he posted a picture of himself wearing an OAN t-shirt. Following that uproar, some kind of public statement was likely.

On Tuesday, Gundy released a one-minute video on Twitter apologizing for his support of OAN, a network which has -- among other things -- called the Black Lives Matter movement "a farce."

Here's the video:

While Gundy is obviously reading a prepared statement, I'm not going to claim this wasn't sincere. Maybe his players did open his eyes to the hardships they suffer and maybe someone pointed out the issues with OAN's product and he realized how problematic it is.

Now Gundy has to improve things moving forward. Players came forward with various allegations on Monday, but the atmosphere around the program seems to have cooled down a bit 24 hours later. Heck, people were calling for his job as recently as Tuesday morning.

His apology was necessary but now he'll need to actually change things.