Oklahoma State RB Chuba Hubbard Calls Mike Gundy's One America Network Shirt 'Unacceptable' [UPDATE]

Liam McKeone
Mike Gundy
Mike Gundy / Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Mike Gundy has done it again. Just under two months after catching heat for putting his foot in his mouth (to put it nicely) in a lengthy monologue discussing coronavirus and the student-athletes under his care, the Oklahoma State head coach has now drawn the ire of one of his best players, and it's likely just the beginning.

Gundy was shown wearing a One America News Network t-shirt in a picture that went public earlier today. Chuba Hubbard, the Cowboys' lead rusher from last season, tweeted the picture was "unacceptable" and he would have nothing do to with the university until change was enacted.

Hubbard rushed for over 2,000 yards and notched 21 touchdowns last season for the Cowboys, so he is rather important to the success of the team next season. His word holds more weight than many of his teammates' would.

It's also hard to feel any differently. OAN is notorious for promoting wild conspiracy theories and running stories with no factual evidence behind it, the most recent linking 75-year-old Martin Gugino, who was assaulted by Buffalo Police during the George Floyd protests in the city, to ANTIFA. You may remember seeing a tweet by a certain president claiming something similar. Again, there was not a whiff of evidence to suggest that, and the network ran it anyway.

Gundy praised OAN in his speech previously mentioned, calling it "refreshing" to see a network report the news without an opinion attached. One wonders what Gundy was watching before if he views OAN as an objective news source, but it comes as little surprise that he owns a t-shirt. To wear one right now, though, once again demonstrates Gundy's lack of awareness about the state of the country. It also sends a message to his players and boosters of the university what kind of values he holds.

As of now, Hubbard is the only student-athlete under Gundy's supervision to speak out about Gundy's choice of apparel. But it seems very likely others will feel the same way. Oklahoma State now has a difficult path ahead filled with decisions that will impact the immediate future of their school, their football team, and beyond.

UPDATE: Teven Jenkins, one of the men blocking for Hubbard, tweeted out his and his fellow offensive linemen's support.

Oklahoma State President Burns Hargis tweeted his support for the concerns of his players several hours after Hubbard's declaration.