Mike Greenberg Has to Go On a Darkness Retreat Now That Aaron Rodgers Is a Jet


Now that Aaron Rodgers is officially a New York Jet and is wandering around the facility barefoot (you know who else we associate with 12 who underwent significant career and personality changes in his 30s), it is time for ESPN's Mike Greenberg to start planning his darkness retreat. Because back on March 3, when the future Hall of Fame's status was much more uncertain, the Get Up host vowed to descend into the wilderness for quiet reflection and celebration should his team upgrade from Zach Wilson.

The graphics department even made a graphic to display while Ryan Clark explained why he was so surprised to hear such a bold claim.

That's going to be rough. Not just because the prospect of being alone with one's thoughts in a pitch-black room is daunting, but because Greenberg's upcoming schedule is jam-packed. He has to host the NFL Draft tomorrow night and the NBA playoffs are going to be continuing on through mid-June. Then there will be Dallas Cowboys training camp news in July and football preseason in August before the real games start around Labor Day.

On the other hand, there might be great refuge in unplugging from all the takes flying past his face on a daily basis. Think of all the opinions this man has heard over the past year. It's harrowing! Some good, some bad, all a bit lacking in object permanence because there's a new show tomorrow.

We anxiously await the payoff for this promise, which really seems like a small price to pay for finally bringing in a competent quarterback to a long-suffering franchise.