Michael Vick On Cam Newton: 'This Isn't a Fashion Show. This Is Football.'


Michael Vick was on FS1's Speak For Yourself yesterday and was asked to weigh in on Cam Newton. SFY wasn't talking about Cam Newton as a player, struggling with injury problems, but as a leader as related to the way he dresses. After he missed a game with an injury, his replacement played really well, and they weren't sure when Newton would return. They then went back to beat the dead horse that Cam Newton was wearing. And they brought Michael Vick.

I know it was a decade ago and quarterbacks didn't have to be leaders off the field back then, but Michael Vick went to jail for dogfighting in the middle of his career. That wasn't a fashion show or football. Should it preclude Vick from weighing in on something as harmless as an upstanding player's sartorial choices? Yeah! Probably!

""It's a different demeanor, a different approach you gotta take as far as your appearance and everything, man. Everything plays a factor at the quarterback position.""

Michael Vick

At what point does a former professional athlete fully transition to a Talking Head? What happens that makes guys decide to ignore everything that they did or said during their playing days as soon as they get on camera? Is it automatic? Do you spend a week at a day spa getting reprogrammed to forget the things you did? You've got Bart Scott criticizing a player for not talking to the press and you've got Michael Vick criticizing a former MVP for wearing fancy clothes. Sometimes you just shouldn't speak for yourself.