Jamal Adams Cancels WFAN Spot, Bart Scott Mad

Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Jamal Adams won't be calling in for his once-weekly spot on WFAN after a contentious appearance last week, Maggie Gray announced today. The New York Jets safety was asked about his decision to remove the team from his Twitter and Instagram bios on his last foray and remains salty about it.

Classic 2019.

Adams is the second high-profile football man in the biggest media market to punt on his radio appearances in the past few days; Giants coach Pat Shurmur decided he no longer needed the aggravation, either.

Gray's co-host Bart Scott unsurprisingly is not a fan of Adams' decision.

"“I’m disappointed, too, because I look at Jamal as like a little brother. And this is bad advice. It’s one thing to maybe not do it after the season, but you always start what you finish. Listen, it is not easy at all to come on a radio show, and your team has never been successful. All he knows is ails, defeats. But that’s why people look to you, because they know that they wouldn’t want to do it. So this is your opportunity to separate yourself from the normal athlete and from the leaders in that locker room and say, ‘Listen, I’m going to speak for us. I’m going to step up and do what’s tough.’ Every athlete has gotten here because we didn’t do what was easy. We did what was right. And it was right for Jamal to finish what he started.""

NJ.com helpfully points out that Scott tried to get his teammates to boycott the media during the 2012 but no one listened to him. So that's something. It may be evidence of hypocrisy or just a reflection of getting older and seeing things a different way.

There are so many people willing to go on sports-talk radio while on a cell phone. WFAN is really burning through them. This isn't great news for the station, or maybe it is. Now they can say they are ASKING THE TOUGH QUESTIONS, HOLDING FEET TO THE FLAMES.

This Adams news and recent trend will be hot topic of conversation between two strangers on a Metro North train tonight. One can only hope to be blessed enough to have it be yours.