Max Kellerman Forced to Admit He Was Wrong About Tom Brady Falling Off a Cliff

Max Kellerman admits he was wrong about Tom Brady.
Max Kellerman admits he was wrong about Tom Brady. /

It's been four years since he claimed Tom Brady was going to "fall off a cliff," but Max Kellerman was finally forced to eat his words today on ESPN's First Take.

Kellerman made sure to explain his reasoning for making that prediction in the first place before admitting his mistake. It took Ryan Clark and Molly Qerim prodding him for it to happen, but Kellerman finally uttered those fateful words we all were longing to hear, "I was wrong."

Thank God! Brady can finally sleep at night.

The best part of this clip by far is Clark setting things up by saying Kellerman is going to have to answer for his inaccurate prediction about Brady even more than he already has. Then he forced Kellerman to actually say he was wrong after Kellerman skated around doing so during his monologue.

Clark wasn't going to let that slide, however. Kellerman spent more than a minute explaining that pundits predicted Brett Favre and Peyton Manning would be great well into their 40s before they "fell off a cliff," which is why Kellerman reasoned Tom Brady (a different person, mind you) would do the same. But after that, he still hadn't said he was wrong. He even made a bad Happy Days reference before Clark and Qerim forced him to finally forced him to admit it. But it happened.

For those who don't know, Kellerman made that comment leading into the 2016 season. The Patriots had lost in the AFC Championship to the Broncos the year before. They went on to go to three straight Super Bowls and won two of them.

Now 43 years old, Tom Brady is putting together another outstanding season, throwing for 1,910 yards on 65.7% completions with 18 touchdowns and four interceptions. The Bucs are 5-2 and they add Antonio Brown to their arsenal this week. Brady shows no signs of stopping and, as long as he's playing at this level, Kellerman shows no signs of escaping the fateful words he said so many years ago.