Matt Kemp Generously Gives Hat, Jersey and Cleats to Admiring Fan [Video]


Following a game in San Francisco where the Dodgers were unceremoniously swept, All-Star Matt Kemp took some time to meet with a fan who, according to the poster of the video, has been fighting a tough battle. Here’s the full description:

Matt Kemp is such a great person. He came over after the game and made one of my best friends night. He’s fighting a tough battle and this was suc a great gift by Matt Kemp! I’ll never forget this.

Kemp had apparently gotten word of the fan’s eagerness to meet him through third base coach Tim Wallach. So after the game, the struggling outfielder was nice enough to autograph a ball, say hello, and shake hands with the young man, which appeared to be quite enough based on the reaction from the group. But much to the amazement of those still in the surrounding area taking in the scene, Kemp proceeded to offer up his hat, his jersey and his cleats. An amazing, chills-inducing gesture, one that I can’t remember ever seeing before.

The unusual nature of the move brought back memories of when David Wright randomly began playing catch with some young fans sitting behind the dugout in Atlanta.

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