Mark Zuckerberg Is Looking Jacked

Samantha Burkardt/GettyImages

Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk have been hyping up a fight that will probably never happen and probably signals some stage of the downfall of man. It's a weird world and everyday people with better things to do have been forced to think about what would happen if these two tech billionaires actually throw hands. The man who actually invented Facebook has been installed by bookmakers as a significant favorite as the Twitter honcho is slightly less imposing than even one Winklevii.

This is all extremely dumb but one reason why is that, well, Zuckerberg has been training like a madman lately and seems way more into fighting. Which is pretty important for a fighting contest. Those looking to put their mortgage on one of these fellas just to feel alive might want to take note of the most recent beefcake photo of Zuck as he readies what appears to be a pretty impressive body.

That's the smile and muscle definition of a man who is absolutely 39 years-old and looking to prove he still has it. Or has it for the first time. Because if he looked like this back at Harvard maybe he wouldn't have invented a platform for the student body to weigh in on each other's looks that evolved into a place where your aunt could get mad at you about something she saw on CNN.

As of press time, Musk has not responded with his own photo that could double as a particular sultry Mr. June in the Dobbs Ferry Fire Department calendar.