Mark Cuban Goes on 'First Take' to Request Taylor Swift Break Up With Travis Kelce

First Take
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One of the many ripple effects of Taylor Swift entering the NFL zeitgeist is that she's now going to be a topic for studio show discussion. Usually it'll just be innocuous segments that end up wastes of everyone's time but the producers were pressed and threw it in there because, well, she's Taylor Swift. Skip Bayless, for example, wasted literally no time and had a segment in the A block of Monday morning's Undisputed wondering if Swift might be a distraction for Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs. But Swift's mere presence in the sports media sphere means there's potential for things to get weird.

Such was the case today on First Take, when Mark Cuban attempted to jokingly tell Swift to dump Kelce in order to date one of his many handsome and single Dallas Mavericks players. It ended up coming across as incredibly uncomfortable since Cuban was grimacing the whole time and generally gave a strong vibe of the dad making a borderline creepy joke in an effort to show the kids he's still young and hip.

Look, I'm really not trying to be Captain Cynic about this. The Swift storyline is a goofy little sideplot to the season and for the most part the people getting truly upset about it are the same people who had a meltdown when the NFL put "END RACISM" in the end zones. But stuff like this with Cuban doesn't feel like a genuine, if out-of-touch, effort to have fun with the big topic in sports. It feels like he sensed the potential for engagement and went for the most viral quote possible. In this context, talking about the dating life of a famous woman, it feels... slimy.

It turns out that all is not fair in love and clicks. Not a great segment.