Major Biden Isn't the First 'First Dog' to Have an Incredible Journey

Little Bear as 'First Dog.'
Little Bear as 'First Dog.' / Bryan Michael Stoller / YouTube

President Joe Biden's dogs are in the news this week after Major was sent home to Delaware after an incident at the White House. While searching for a funny depiction of a presidential dog in pop culture to respond to this tweet, I found an absolute gem of content. So sit right there and let me tell you about the 2010 movie First Dog. Here, watch and enjoy the trailer and then let's chat.

Did you see that? Just totally bananas. Eric Roberts is president. A little kid finds his dog. He somehow has to hitchhike as if the president wouldn't send Air Force One filled with Secret Service members to get his runway dog. There appears to be an assassination attempt. The Secret Service then appears to be the bad guys. Tom "Tiny" Lister Jr. appears as a truck driver. And the kid sneaks the dog onto a bus using a disguise.

Dog in disguise in the movie 'First Dog.'
The First Dog in disguise. /

It looks amazing. And then, seemingly randomly, Dolly Parton is featured on the soundtrack. According to the film's website, the director approached Parton about playing the dog's foster mother, but she couldn't because of scheduling conflicts. So because she's Dolly Parton, she recorded three original songs for the soundtrack instead.

The film's lead actor, "Little Bear," starred in First Dog and Santa Stole Our Dog: A Merry Doggone Christmas!, a 2017 movie featuring Ed Asner as Santa (yes, just like in Elf) and more original songs from Parton. Apparently, Stoller figured out that if you ask Parton for something, she will come through for you.

Now for the really weird part of this. While Little Bear's on-screen foster mother was nearly a very famous woman, his actual foster mother was Nancy Reagan. Seriously, here's the whole story. Stoller ended up meeting the former First Lady and Little Bear's actual origin story inspired the movie.

The point of all this is that Major could learn a thing or two from Little Bear. Not once has a member of the press had to ask if Little Bear would be euthanized. Not once has Major Biden been in a movie with Eric Roberts.

If that sounds like something you'd like to see, write to your local Netflix representatives and tell them to put the movie back on the streaming service. If not for you, then for Major. He needs a good boy role model in his life.