Mad Dog Russo Addresses JFK Assassination During 'First Take'

Chris Russo
Chris Russo /

Today is the day before Thanksgiving, which means it's basically Friday. It is also the anniversary of John F. Kennedy's death. Conflicting vibes there. Above all that, though, it is Wednesday, which means Chris "Mad Dog" Russo was on First Take and he came ready to discuss the JFK assassination.

The subject has been the object of fascination for Russo for years and this is not the first time he has discussed it while live, but it appears to be the first time he's hit it on television. It's basically everything you would expect. There's even a gummy reference.

We know what camp Mad Dog ascribes to in the JFK conspiracy multiverse, that's for sure.

He didn't spend a ton of time on it but what a wild thing to hear if you just tuned into ESPN or have it on in the background while you work. Talking about Seahawks-Rams and then wrenching the conversation to the JFK shooting. Thousands of viewers minding their business were suddenly accosted by Russo's assassination takes.

Can't believe Stephen A. Smith didn't jump in there to give a counter-take immediately. His creative juices must be dried up after his Cars rant from last night.

What a concept. What a world.