Mad Dog Chris Russo Goes Ballistic During Super Bowl Trivia Cheating Scandal

Cindy Ord/GettyImages

Mad Dog Unleashed's annual Super Bowl trivia contest is usually a nice, fun event providing sports radio listeners who have a tremendous amount of knowledge about history an outlet instead of having them cornering uninterested LIRR riders. But this year it's been rocked with scandal. The particulars are a bit unclear to non-listeners yet they don't really matter. Because Chris Russo noticed something untoward happening and laid down the law yesterday as only he can.

"This is not right," he said. "This is not right to do this. Pretend you're somebody else. Cell phones, it's a joke. You're getting out of the spirit. This is supposed to be fun. You win a trip, you know what, what a miracle. That's what this is supposed to be about. Give people a chance. Maybe do a little work. Not to beat Bill Zimmerman and Chris Russo. Nonsense. I'm going to show you. You are out. You are not winning this trip. You're finished."

And he was just getting started.

"You call up like that and you misrepresent yourself, you do that to Eddie Erickson, you got him sweating and worried, you gotta get the legal department ... you think the legal, with the stock price in the freaking toilet, you think the legal department wants to deal with this nonsense?"

Do not mess with this man. He welcomes a fight. He is winning. More people are trying to hire him right now than you can shake a stick at. His fifth son isn't doing anything in particular and could be called into help. New York Times poltical reporter Michael Schmidt was recently a guest and he could really pull some strings. Have some goddamn respect for the rules. Play the game the right way, Jesus.

This is surely a tough scene for the schemer who tried to game the system. One imagines Russo is something of a hero to him. You hate to see it on one hand. The other hand, it is hilarious.