Commanders Screwed By Insane Roughing the Passer Penalty on Mac Jones Sack


The New England Patriots recovered from a nightmare start to take a 14-10 halftime lead over the Washington Commanders in Week 9. And then in the third quarter things got really wild as we saw one of the worst roughing the passer penalties in the history of football.

Not one of the worst in NFL history. One of the worst in the history of the sport. That's Washington Commanders rookie KJ Henry sacking Mac Jones and causing a fumble and getting flagged for roughing the passer. On a sack. Where he just tackled him.

We've seen a number of horrible penalties called on defenders hitting the quarterback, but this one might take the cake. This was a standard sack. Jones had the ball! If you can't tackle a quarterback then there's nothing a defender can do.

The sack should have ended a Patriots drive by forcing fourth down near midfield. Instead the Patriots got a fresh set of downs and drove down the field for a field goal. Absolutely insane swing here.

Even Dean Blandino could not justify this call. "They want the defenders to get off to the side, but like you guys are saying, this is just a tackle. This is just momentum. There's nothing punishing. There's no second act. I don't like it as a foul, but this is what the league is directing the officials to call.