Lindsey Graham's Brain Malfunctions During Fox News Spot

Lindsey Graham
Lindsey Graham /

On Wednesday evening Fox News held a segment discussing a drone strike that killed three American military members and what Joe Biden was going to do about it. To have this discussion they invited Lindsey Graham onto the program. At one point, as he loudly proclaimed how bad things have gotten under Biden, Graham's brain just kinda... broke.

It's like he forgot what he was saying and then the train of thought completely derailed before exploding. It wasn't quite to the level of Mitch McConnell going full slack-jawed in front of a group of reporters but it wasn't too far off, either.

It seems politics is increasingly full of clips like these nowadays. Which does not feel like a super great sign. But at least this only happened to Graham and not one of the likely candidates for president next year. If they had this sort of slip-up on live television then it would become a talking point for months. There may even be talk of a dementia test.

An otherwise unremarkable moment on FOX spiced up by Graham's brain fart. Nothing better than cable television in an election year, right, folks?