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Roundup: Lindsay Lohan Christmas Movie Trailer; Matt Rhule Fired; Draymond Green to the Lakers?

Kyle Koster
San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers
San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers / Eakin Howard/GettyImages

Atlanta Braves lock up Spencer Strider ... Matt Rhule is done in Carolina ... Is Blink-182 teasing a comeback ... Brett Favre's involvement in Mississippi welfare scandal draws outrage and indifference ... Russia launches biggest air strikes since start of Ukraine war ... Ernie Johnson still loves to flash the leather ... Kacey Musgraves calls out Ted Cruz at Austin City Limits ... actually going to space filled William Shatner with sadness ... U.S. condemns more Russian strikes on Ukraine ... WW2 ghost boats ... Hulu's "Devil in the White City" having trouble retaining talent ... T.J. Miller wasn't asked to return to Deadpool 3 ... Asteroid that killed the dinosaurs also triggered a months-long mega-earthquake ... Chiefs beat the Raiders after huge comeback ...

Reintroducing the seven contenders for the NBA title [Yahoo]

Bronny James landed an NIL deal from Nike [ESPN]

Davante Adams shoved a cameraman after the Raiders loss [TBL]

Wrexham AFC plays an FA Cup match on Saturday morning ESPN 2 [World Soccer Talk]

NAACP calls Tommy Tuberville's remarks, "flat out racist" [NBC News]

Stephen A. Smith says Draymond Green is expecting this to be his final season with the Warriors... and he wants to be a Laker.

Lindsay Lohan made a Christmas movie and it comes out in a month.

Was not prepared for the second half of this video.

J.D. Vance participated in a debate with Tim Ryan last night.

Never a bad time to listen to Ghost, but they're seasonally appropriate so Dance Macabre.