Will Someone Please Hit Some Fungos to Ernie Johnson?

Kyle Koster
2015 Sports Emmy Awards
2015 Sports Emmy Awards / Mike Pont/GettyImages

In what can only be explained by some sort of clerical error, The Big Weekend was able to book legendary broadcaster Ernie Johnson, who is about to embark on a unique time of year, as he will host ALDS studio coverage for TBS and then immediately transition into the same role for NBA on TNT’s Opening Week coverage. This comes on the heels of a particularly successful regular season for Turner, which is hoping to continue its success tomorrow as the American League Division Series begins.

Johnson's interview begins at the 14:30 mark, after an exclusive report from the Sports Stock Market trading floor, which is extremely volatile after a jam-packed weekend. Relevant time stamps are below.

14:45: Johnson reacts to his father being a finalist for Major League Baseball's 2023 Ford C. Frick Award

16:35: On calling games with his father. The opportunities and challenges that it presented and if he was able to truly enjoy it in the moment.

20:20: What he likes about baseball and remembering his playing days, which are pretty impressive.

25:00: How a television production is like being on a sports team.

28:20: Reflecting on his play-by-play run for postseason baseball and how that role differs from being in-studio.

33:22: What drives him? And what's difficult about building on sustained success? Plus an in-depth look at his preparation process.

41:48: Dispelling the rumor that he's the only person in sports media with a universal approval rating.