For LeBron James, There Was No Wrong Answer Between Dwyane Wade and Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis and Dwyane Wade
Anthony Davis and Dwyane Wade / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

LeBron James is a great player who has had some great teammates. Those facts have resulted in multiple NBA Championships and have him a few sleepless nights from another. It's also opened up the floor for debates like, "Who is his best teammate?" Today on First Take, Stephen A. Smith took a side.

That's a fine argument. And before we get into it, let's shout out Chris Bosh and Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving who were all really good at basketball at certain points in their lives. They just aren't on the same level as Anthony Davis and Dwyane Wade. There is nothing wrong with that. Those guys are just on another level.

So between those two, what's the truth? Is Dwyane Wade really better than Anthony Davis? The stats seem to say they're about even. It probably comes down to personal preference. Through eight seasons, Wade and Davis recorded about the same number of games played and points scored .

The real question is, do you want a big man who can shoot from outside or a guard who makes a living getting to the basket? Wade had an advantage in assists. Davis had an advantage in rebounds. Wade made more threes, Davis shot a higher percentage. Wade has more steals. Davis more blocks.

There is really no wrong answer. Davis is finishing his eighth season, which was the very end of Wade's peak. Who knows how much longer Davis will play or what he'll accomplish, but there's a chance by the time he retires people will have him ahead of Wade on their all-time list.

For now though. For now, which guy would you want running with LeBron James? Dwyane Wade early last decade or Anthony Davis early this decade? Can't really go wrong You'd have to ask LeBron and it's unclear if he'd be willing to hurt the feelings of his current teammate or one of his longtime best friends. So many questions. Maybe someday we'll know.