Le Batard Show Descends Into Chaos Over Dolphins' Hypothetical Tom Brady / Tua / Lamar Jackson Decision


The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz provided fans with another incredible bit of sports talk radio on Tuesday as they discussed who would you rather have quarterbacking the Miami Dolphins this season and beyond: current Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, current Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, or 46-year old retiree, Tom Brady? This clip is less than three minutes, but the sheer number of takes flying around were overwhelming and the eponymous host could do nothing to stop them.

Right away you know you're in for a doozy because the first words of this clip are Billy Gil saying, "I think we can all agree," which is something that has never, ever been true in the history of sports talking. Gil suggests that the top two options for the Dolphins this year are their quarterback and Tom Brady. He isn't even able to finish his first point before Chris Cote throws Lamar Jackson into the mix. From there, chaos.

Who is the best player? Everyone has a different answer. Who is the best player for the 2023 Dolphins? Everyone has a different answer. Who is the best quarterback going forward? Everyone has a different answer.

And then Mike Ruiz brings health into the discussion and proclaims the 46-year old the "best long-term option," with Stugotz adding, "No doubt." Eventually, while Ruiz is singing Brady's praises, someone shouts "HE'S 46! right before Ruiz says Brady might be the greatest athlete ever. Thankfully, the clip ends at that point, saving everyone on Twitter from finding out what happened next.