Stugotz Torches Chris Rock Special He Didn't Watch

Kyle Koster

The general consensus around here is that we enjoyed the live Chris Rock comedy special slightly less than the in-studio audience — and they didn't seem particularly thrilled with it. There were some genuinely funny moments and keen observations but all in all it didn't come off as anything you might see on Comedy Central back on the day. Sitting through the entire thing until he addressed the Will Smith slow-simmering elephant in the room is not something anyone needs to feel compelled to do unless they really want to.

It was poised to be a big topic on the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz today after they spent a decent chunk of time last week previewing it. A lot of listeners dialed in with genuine curiosity to see if Dan would admit that this was not a smashing success ushering in a new age of content. But it turns out he didn't watch it so he couldn't weigh in. Stugotz, on the other hand, did not have the same hang-up.

Perfection. A loud, impassioned take on something he didn't watch. Nothing sums up sports radio and this character with a tidier bow.

The thing is, he's not wrong. Stugotz and the many people who inspired him have an uncanny ability to land on the right side of things without doing any of the homework. That's just the way it is and you can't help but respect it.