Larry Kudlow Got Animated Yelling About How He Hates Recessions on Fox News

"This has nothing to do with anything. This is about AI and technology."


Larry Kudlow joined Sandra Smith on Fox News this afternoon to discuss Bidenomics. Smith asked Kudlow to explain why the economy is actually bad right now despite the fact that things appear to be going pretty well. Kudlow was very nonplussed and explained why the numbers are not as good as they could be, but Smith kept pushing about whether or not there was a recession coming. Eventually, Kudlow snapped when Smith said she hoped we weren't headed for a recession.

"I hate recessions! I hate recessions! I want a rising tide that lifts all boats. I want both political parties to be pro-growth and prosperity. I want to stop this silly stupid class warfare which says if you fail, it helps me. That is just not true! We all must succeed."

And then he immediately sunk back into his state of rest.

This was actually the second time today that a Fox News host pressed a guest hoping to get a simple answer and they got the runaround instead. Poor Steve Doocy really wants a Republican to explain to him what crime Joe Biden has committed.

Doocy got a similar non-answer from Kevin McCarthy earlier this week.

Anyone appearing in studio should know that the hosts now want answers to questions.