Lane Johnson Caught on Mic Cussing Out Referee


Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson got caught on mic saying a no-no word during his team's Week 1 matchup with the New England Patriots. After a short pass, Johnson was caught swearing at an official nearby and he actually earned a flag out of it.

Johnson thought he had been held by the defender on the play and turned to the official and yelled, "That motherf**ker is holding me" while grabbing his own jersey. The official agreed and threw a flag on Deatrich Wise Jr. for defensive holding.

Check out the video below:

Hey, can't be mad at the guy because it worked, the official called it. Besides it was a right game, the Eagles were driving to try and put it away, tensions were high.

Also, this is the danger of the NFL having field mics. They're going to catch things no one expects, like Geno Smith yelling "Oh my God!" when Aaron Donald is bearing down on him. I mean, I love stuff like that, but it can bite the league's broadcast partners from time to time.