Geno Smith Shouts 'Oh My God' as Aaron Donald Runs Full Speed in His Direction


Geno Smith is just like the rest of us: terrified of being hit by Aaron Donald. During the Seattle Seahawks' matchup against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, Smith faced that prospect and mics picked up his reaction. It was exactly what you'd expect.

On a third-and-four in the second quarter, Smith took a shotgun snap, and Donald ran a stunt, and wound up coming completely free right at the veteran quarterback. Once Smith saw it, he yelled, "Oh my God!" and quickly got rid of the ball. While his throw was in the direction of a receiver, it felt like he just chucked it so he didn't get lit up by the future Hall of Famer.

Check this out:

That is my favorite moment of Week 1. Just absolutely hilarious.

No one wants to stare down Aaron Donald coming free at them. It's a terrifying prospect, even for an NFL quarterback.