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A Boston Celtics Fan Threw a Water Bottle at Kyrie Irving

By Stephen Douglas
May 30, 2021, 11:07 PM EDT
Tyler Johnson watches Kyrie Irving almost get hit with a water bottle.

The Brooklyn Nets beat the Boston Celtics on Sunday to take a 3-1 series lead. After the game Kyrie Irving and the Nets were walking to the locker room when a water bottle nearly hit Irving. Tyler Johnson saw the bottle in the air. The Nets immediatley stopped and turned to the crowd as security tried to identify the person who threw the water bottle.

This is... the fourth fan incident of the NBA postseason? It's only been a week. Ja Morant's family was subjected to racist and sexually explicit remarks in Utah, Trae Young was spit on in New York, and popcorn was thrown at Russell Westbrook in Philadelphia.

Irving said during the week that he hoped Celtics fans wouldn't show "subtle racism" while they Nets were visiting. Irving and Kevin Durant both talked about it after the game.

Quite simply, this is out of control. Whatever excuse these people want to use, there's no excuse. If the water bottle had hit Irving or Johnson, they could have been hurt, but even if it had just been popcorn again, we've been over this for days. This is not cool and the threat of being "banned" obviously isn't enough.

Update: The fan has has been arrested and banned.