Trae Young Checks in on 50 Cent After Potential Courtside Spitting Incident

Kyle Koster
Elsa/Getty Images

Wednesday brought all kinds of regrettable fan interaction, with a Philadelphia 76ers supporter the presumed leader the clubhouse after throwing popcorn on an injured Russell Westbrook. But conditions being what they were, perhaps it's not surprising that a New York Knicks fan sitting courtside may have posted something even lower.

With Public Enemy No. 1 Trae Young poised to throw an inbound pass, someone seated in the second row decided to take the heckling to a level that caused something to fly out of their mouth. Whatever it was caught the attention of the person sitting in the front row, but not Young. To suggest it would be spittle is conjecture. To suggest it's something else would require some creative mental gymnastics, so make sure to stretch.

Young was made aware of the incident postgame and tweeted about it, highlighting what is perhaps the craziest aspect to all this. Fan is short for fanatic so one can't expect rationality. Still, can you even imagine being so careless with bodily fluids around 50 Cent? Or 50 Cent's companion? That's a dangerous game.

I am choosing to believe in the better angles of our nature and a different explanation for what happened in this video than the worst-case scenario. That this is just an unfortunate misunderstanding and there's an innocent explanaition.

Even still, the fan may have some future ticketing issues and something like that could only happen if a mask wasn't properly secured, which could put those great seats out of reach going forward.