Kyrie Irving Laments Lack of Rest After Missing Vast Majority of Nets Season

Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

Kyrie Irving is back to full-time employment with no WFH status, which means he's also spending significantly more time in front of microphones speaking to media members before and after Brooklyn Nets games. Irving has made his distaste for the reporting industry very clear over the last few years but apparently decided that slogging through his media availability is easier to swallow than the fines that accompany any refusal to do so.

Despite Irving's presence, the Nets lost to the Charlotte Hornets last night in Brooklyn, 119-110. Every game is basically must-win for the Nets at this stage, and now they're tied with Charlotte for the eighth seed in the East and only a game and a half ahead of the Atlanta Hawks lurking in the 10th spot.

Nobody really paid attention to the loss because Will Smith slapped Chris Rock across the country that same evening, but Irving gave quite a quote after his team's loss. He lamented the lack of rest he and his teammates are receiving down the stretch. Coming from a guy who has played 22 of 75 possible games so far.

The Nets played the Hornets on the second night of a back-to-back, so that must be what Irving is talking about. But back-to-backs are not a new thing the league installed while Irving was on his couch. And it was only the second back-to-back Irving has played in all year.

Back-to-backs suck and it would be great if the NBA found a way to eliminate them entirely. But hearing Kyrie Irving, of all people, wish he had more rest is something else.