Kyle Lowry Lets Aaron Gordon Know Exactly Where He Can Find Him After the Game

Kyle Lowry
Kyle Lowry / Pool/Getty Images

The Orlando Magic played the Toronto Raptors as a part of a stacked slate of NBA games on Thursday afternoon. At one point, things got a little chippy between Kyle Lowry and Aaron Gordon. It led to Gordon appearing to call Lowry something not-so-very nice, Lowry responded by telling Gordon exactly where to find him after the game (NSFW language):

That is prime Bubble Content right there. Nobody is meeting in the parking lot anymore, or sneaking to the opposing locker room via secret tunnel a la Chris Paul. These guys live together, and must settle their differences at the buffet table or room call. Seems like Lowry would prefer the latter.

Although Lowry might have to wait a while. The Raptors are staying at the Grand Destino, while the Magic are staying at the Grand Floridian. Hopefully Gordon doesn't get confused and kick down the door of 836 at the Floridian, where I imagine a very confused teammate or other player is just minding his own business, maybe drinking some wine. I do not believe cross-hotel travel is permitted, but I could be wrong. The duo might be able to sort this out in person. They also might have to leave it to Zoom. Pleas send me an invite if that's the case.

I can't imagine how chippy things might get in the early fall. The Raptors were the first team to arrive in Florida, quarantining for two weeks before heading to the bubble. They'll have been staying in Orlando for three full months if they make it to the second round of the playoffs, which seems likely. After all that time living shoulder-to-shoulder with your opponents, tempers will be flaring. The basketball gods may yet bless us with a late-night news break that someone got mad about a game and ended up outside another player's door yelling at them.