CJ McCollum's Thermostat is Set in the 50's So He Can Properly Store Dozens of Bottles of Wine

CJ McCollum and James Harden in the bubble.
CJ McCollum and James Harden in the bubble. / Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

NBA players love wine. We've heard this before, but now that they are all living in a bubble and we're finding out what is really important to them we're getting a serious look at the league's wine obsession. There have been plenty of social media posts, but today ESPN put together a lengthy story about wine in the bubble and CJ McCollum is a standout:

"CJ McCollum's hotel room constitutes a wine fridge of sorts. He keeps the temperature around 60 degrees when he's inside it and in the mid-to-high 50s when he's not, all in an effort to protect the 84 bottles that he keeps in boxes, out of the light."

McCollum must have a stack of sweatshirts like Pat Beverley's stack of t-shirts. This is the kind of thing that you can only get away with if your significant other didn't come to the bubble. If the Blazers make the playoffs and upset the Lakers and start to make a deep run and McCollum's fiancée joins him, he's going to have to give up control of that thermostat.

Second, you know what kind of strain McCollum is putting on the air conditioning to keep a room in the 50's in Orlando in August? When the NBA finished up their stay and they see how much Disney charges them for electric, Adam Silver is going to react like Kevin McCallister's dad seeing the room service bill at the Plaza.