Kyle Brandt Did 10 Minutes on Robert Saleh's Musclebound Golf Pics


The New York Jets tweeted three images of head coach Robert Saleh golfing on Thursday morning in celebration of the start of The Masters. Well, kind of. The pictures were more in celebration of Robert Saleh's incredibly jacked physique. Guy looks like Arnold is about to interrupt his round to go on a mission in the jungle.

Check out Bryson DeLambeau over here. NFL Network's Kyle Brandt certainly did. For at least 10 minutes that we know of because that's how long the video was that he released yesterday celebrating Saleh's action figure arms. There were no cuts either. This was just Brandt firing off thoughts on how Saleh can look like that when he's a professional football coach with seven kids.

The most interesting part of this is that Brandt says someone with the Jets told him these pictures were taken during an actual round last year. Which means that Saleh not only has time to raise seven children, work out three times a day and coach an NFL team, but he also has time to golf, which is somehow the most offensive part of all this to a regular person.