Kimberley Martin's Stephen A. Smith Impression Brought 'First Take' to a Halt


Kimberley Martin was all over ESPN this morning. First she gave Mike Greenberg a gift from Aaron Rodgers on Get Up and then she headed over to the First Take set to talk more NFL and deal with Stephen A. Smith in person. After that she showed up on the noon SportsCenter. Overall, it was a solid performance as ESPN shifts to full NFL mode with training camps starting.

Her undeniable highlight of the day was doing a Stephen A. Smith impression that cracked up Ryan Clark and briefly brought the show to a halt.

The clip starts with Stephen A. Smith talking in increasing volume about how the Eagles are the class of the NFC, with Ryan Clark stepping in to make fun of the way Smith emphasized a few words near the end of his rant. Martin then said, "I'm just exhausted. It's Monday and I'm tired of this whole act," referring to Smith. Then Martin made a case for the 49ers before breaking into the Stephen A. impression.

Of course, the unseen MVP of the clip is yet again the First Take chairs. Like Brian Windhorst before her, Martin was clearly exploring the space of the studio using the First Take chairs. Leaning back, turning, trying different poses. Perhaps that's why she looked so comfortable giving Smith the business this morning.