11-Year-Old Runs Onto Field During White Sox Game, Will Be So Popular At School Now

Houston Astros v Chicago White Sox
Houston Astros v Chicago White Sox / Jamie Sabau/GettyImages

Chicago White Sox fans are pushing the boundaries between watching the game and participating in the game lately. Just the other day a completely serious individual dispensed managerial advice to Tony La Russa, who immediately acted on it before pretending he hadn't been influenced. And last night an 11-year-old kid hopped onto the field to ask center fielder Adam Engel for a hug. He was successful in the quest but they don't really let you do that.

Not since Drake LaRoche has a youngster inserted themselves into the action so forcefully. Combing through the archives here, it seems as though we're in some rather unprecedented territory. There have been kids who have fallen onto the field or thrown balls back onto the field, but channeling an older idiot to trespass is a new one. At least this underage intrusion didn't end in a vicious attack like the 2002 incident involving Kansas City Royals first base coach Tom Gamboa.

It's my understanding that television broadcasts shifted to a policy of not showing field-invaders because it could inspire others to do the same thing. Especially young, impressionable kids. That whole system is now under question.

A final thought here. Some people are going to have pointed words for the parents here and it's easy to armchair quarterback after some light trespassing. But can you even imagine the stress of trying to negotiate the aftermath here? After paying hundreds of dollars for tickets, food and merch?

Reason enough to sit in the upper deck from now on.