Keyshawn Johnson and Dan Orlovsky Get Into Heated Argument Over Semantics Of Carson Wentz Sucking

Keyshawn Johnson and Dan Orlovsky.
Keyshawn Johnson and Dan Orlovsky. /

Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is so aggravating to watch play football that at this point even two people who agree that he sucks at his job are fighting over the semantics of why he sucks at his job.

While breaking down Wentz's lackluster play on Keyshawn, JWill & Zubin, ESPN analysts Keyshawn Johnson and Dan Orlovsky got into a heated argument. No one was advocating for Wentz. mind you. Both think he's not fit to be a starting quarterback in the NFL right now. What they argued about was an interception Wentz threw yesterday. Orlovsky pointed out that Alshon Jeffery mistimed his jump on the play. Johnson yelled at Orlovsky that Jeffery shouldn't have to jump in the first place. Then they realized they both blame Wentz and cooler heads prevailed.

Below is the play they're discussing. Jeffery definitely mistimes whatever kind of jump attempt that was, but it was also a terrible throw by Wentz and ultimately his fault.

As he has been all season, Wentz was miserable against the Browns, throwing two interceptions and making another terrible throw into quadruple coverage that should have picked off too. He leads the NFL in interceptions with 14 and is on pace to set career-worsts in every important statistical category.

That's led some, including me, to question why Jalen Hurts, who the Eagles drafted in the second round, isn't getting an opportunity to play. While the 3-6-1 Eagles do lead the NFC East by a half-game, they're not accomplishing anything of note this year, especially with Wentz under center. His turnovers and inaccurate throws are killing the team and selling his teammates on why he should remain the starter is an impossible task for coach Doug Pederson. Yet he continues down that road.

That's what led to this argument between Orlovsky and Johnson. They both think Wentz's play is costing his team and they both think he should get benched. But even when you agree about Wentz sometimes you also argue because that's how infuriating a quarterback he is right now.