Keyshawn Johnson Claims Coaches From Other Schools Helped Oregon Gameplan For Colorado, Deion Sanders

Colorado v Oregon
Colorado v Oregon / Tom Hauck/GettyImages

The Deion Sanders hype train smashed into a brick wall like Wile E. Coyote on Saturday as Colorado got lambasted by Oregon, 42-6. It was not necessarily unexpected given the Buffaloes were three-touchdown underdogs heading into the contest but it definitely came as a big surprise to everybody who started tuning into college football solely due to the Prime Show. Sanders' team wasn't supposed to get rolled like that.

Yet that does not mean Sanders is disappearing as a topic on the studio shows this week. Far from it. The Undisputed crew talked a lot about Prime today, as is expected, and Keyshawn Johnson put on his reporter hat for a segment. He said he talked to a college coach after Oregon's beatdown who revealed coaches from other teams were calling Oregon to help them gameplan, so badly did they want Colorado to lose.

This would perhaps sound more scandalous if Colorado did not lose by six touchdowns. However, they did. That means Skip Bayless could've helped gameplan and the Ducks would have won handily. Oregon didn't need to hear from other coaches to know they had a massive advantage in terms of depth and their line play on both sides of the ball.

Johnson's report is kind of funny, though. Football coaches are notoriously stingy with their secrets to winning. To hear that the success of Deion Sanders has infuriated them to the point they're teaming up to beat him is ludicrous.

Too ludicrous to believe? Perhaps. But Sanders' entire career as a college football coach has been treading the "too ludicrous to believe" line so, really, anything is possible.