TNT's Army of Producers Put Kevin Durant and the Nets on 'The Office's' Work Bus


Kevin Durant's basketball season is over and now he's taking on TNT. Earlier today Durant responded to Charles Barkley's trendsetting bus driver take. This evening TNT responded by putting the Brooklyn Nets on a bus to Cancun using a scene from The Office.

The profecy of this meme-ing was foretold this afternoon when former TBL contributer Rob Perez pointed out that Durant had made a significant tactical error by responding so early in the day. Perez correctly pointed out that TNT's "army of producers experienced in the art of pettiness," would spend the day in photoshop.

Durant quote tweeted this saying, "An army of producers against the god. Just Another Tuesday." Honestly, it was the kind of badass line somebody would spend years crafting for an action movie and Durant nailed it in one tweet. However long Durant spent on it, the producers had the last laugh. And Ben Simmons was collateral damage.

Barkley responded to Durant on the TNT pregame show, but that just turned out to be a precursor to Internet violence. Perhaps Durant should talk to Tom Brady's social media team.