Kevin Durant Got Roasted on 'Inside the NBA' After a Particularly Joyless Interview

Charles Barkley
Charles Barkley /

Kevin Durant scored 22 points in his long-awaited Brooklyn Nets debut on Tuesday. After the game, he spoke to the Inside the NBA crew. Charles, Shaq, Kenny and Ernie were like parents whose son came home for the holidays after a long semester at college. Tell us everything! Unfortunately for these loving parents who were hoping for a revealing conversation and a revealing look inside the kid's life, they got classic Durant.

In KD's defense, Charles Barkley presenting an accurate assumption as a statement with a question mark tagged on the end is a tough construction. But KD has been getting asked these kinds of questions since he really was a sullen teenager. He knows Chuck was looking for some sentences, even if they were the normal cliches that Durant spouted during the rest of the conversation. That's how this works.

After Durant hung up, the Inside the NBA crew immediately started roasting him, the NBA equivalent of Well, that went well!

Kenny Smith tried to defend KD by saying it's hard when he's there in Brooklyn and they're there in Atlanta, but that's literally how every Inside the NBA interview works after every game. It really drives home what KD is like in public. He just played a healthy game of basketball for the first time in 18 months and he was good and his team won easily. If he can't at least enjoy this, what can he enjoy?

The best part of this will undoubtedly be when Durant gets offended. Will he refuse TNT interviews the rest of the season? Will he continue to do them, but be shorter and gruffer? Only Durant will know for sure because who else could tell the difference?