Kerryon Johnson Is Too Nice to Face Stacked Boxes

Los Angeles Chargers v Detroit Lions
Los Angeles Chargers v Detroit Lions / Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Detroit Lions came away with an important road win against the Eagles in Philly this past weekend. Kerryon Johnson is probably the second-most important player on Detroit's offense outside of Matthew Stafford, and his talent is apparent, but he's struggled to get it going on the ground this season. Sunday was no different, as Johnson ran the ball 20 times for all of 36 yards.

Johnson's talent is readily apparent to his opponents as well, and they've zeroed in on the second-year running back in ways he hasn't seen at an NFL level yet. Erik Schlitt, editor at Lions Wire, pointed out on Twitter that the Eagles had eight or more defenders in the box for 60 percent of Johnson's snaps, most in the NFL for Week 3. Like fantasy owners across the country, Johnson bemoaned the attention that defenses have paid to him.

Like a man stuck in rush hour traffic on a holiday weekend, all Johnson can do is look to the sky and question why the powers that be have cruelly colluded to callously prevent him from living his best life. Safe to say we've all been there.

Johnson is definitely too nice a guy for this, but as countless gruff and apparently Luddite-leaning football coaches have yelled at 10-year-olds over the years, football ain't for nice guys.