Pat Fitzgerald: My Email Address Is Hashtag I Don’t Care

Kyle Koster

Northwestern is 1-2. The offense mustered seven points against Stanford and 10 on Saturday against Michigan State. To be fair, these are both notoriously stingy units. Those who watched the Wildcats sputter for more than 57 minutes before finding the end zone against the Spartans could accurately conclude that there's some real problems to address.

But before you start thinking of some answers, stop. Pat Fitzgerald doesn't want to hear about it. The same guy who blames cell phones for the ails of society had some thoughts on armchair coordinators whose only recourse is to weigh in on Twitter.

It would not surprise me one bit if, 20 years from now, scientists release the results of a study showing that something happened to the brains of football coaches in the early 2010 that made them believe the one thing they could do to prove their football acumen was to present themselves as proud Luddites in the technology department.

There's no logical explanation for the behavior but it's so widespread that there must be a gene mutation going on.

Fitzgerald is in an unpleasant spot. No one really enjoys getting criticized and taking advice from people who are out of their depth. At the same time, he should be happy if -- and it's a big if -- 40,000 people care enough about the program to offer solutions to make it better.

It'll be neat to hear what he has to say after this weekend's game against Wisconsin, where things are bound to get ugly.