Kentucky Derby Fight Features Fancy Hats, Very Bloody Eye


The Kentucky Derby took place on Saturday with Mage wining a thriller. Stepping back from the actual race, it was a dark day at Churchill Downs. Seven horses died in the leadup to the "most exciting two minutes in sports." And there was also violence in the crowd as you can see in this video.

The one guy with the bloody eye throws a punch and then immediately takes another shot to the face and gets pulled away by what we can assume was a friend in a ridiculous hat. From there two other fans grappling take center stage and it seems like things might get broken up. That's when the real surprise of the video takes place as the woman in yellow starts throwing punches. As she's tied up she takes to literally kicking and screaming.

It's hard to imagine what course of events brought these people to this point. But really what's the difference between this and any other fight at a sporting event. Aside from the preponderance of hats.