Kate Upton: Best Videos and GIFs of 2012

By Tim Ryan

At the close of 2011, Kate Upton was rumored to be dating Mark Sanchez. Now, just a year later, such gossip would be considered unsettling and something her publicist would violently scoff at while reviewing a list of candidates for the latest Upton boyfriend leak. What a difference a year makes, and what a year it was for Kate Upton. It began with the Dougie-happy model landing the cover of the SI Swimsuit issue, and blew up from there like a blitz in Tecmo Bowl. What I’ve gathered below is a celebration of Miss Upton’s year on The Big Lead.

Following her big moment on the cover of SI, Upton revealed she’s a Michigan fan, making Ty Duffy’s loins criminally moist. More importantly, about a week later she danced in a bikini, as seen above.

April, of course, was Kate’s storied Happy Easter moment set to “Peter Cottontail.” An unbelievably terrorizing song that you will absolutely listen to because she removes Easter eggs from her cleavage.

Kate destroyed further innocent souls in May after getting together with noted freak, Terry Richardson to perform the “Cat Daddy” dance, otherwise known as a visual feast.

May would prove to be a big month for Upton, as she would later do a swan dive into our hearts with this dazzling promo for Beach Bunny. While we’re still unclear what Beach Bunny is, the video remains a fond memory for several readers.

Kate’s summer was mostly highlighted by a video for GQ that forced Stephen Douglas to issue a warning in the bold font thanks to a racy wet t-shirt moment that I’m sure you’ll end up watching at work anyway.

In September, Kate did some notable charity work for Cantor Fitzgerald which allowed us to link to a previous post of a completely reasonable video featuring Upton walking the runway in slo-mo. I’ve gone ahead and linked it here, again, and embedded the video for your viewing convenience, again.

Finally, earlier this month, the bubbly blonde filmed some sort of mini-movie for German Vogue that our own Michael Shamburger was kind of enough to pluck the highlights from and turn into crowd-pleasing GIFs. The movie itself turned out to be quite a gem, thanks mostly to the decision that it feature no dialogue whatsoever.

Horsie. Bouncy.

Strange But True: A walk in the park is a colossal failure without a see-through dress.

Jogging? Jugging? Whatever works.