Kareem Jackson Got Away With Targeting Josh Dobbs and the Broncos Got the Ball

Minnesota Vikings v Denver Broncos
Minnesota Vikings v Denver Broncos / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

Josh Dobbs fumbled on the Minnesota Vikings first possession of the game against the Denver Broncos in Week 11. Dobbs took a pitch from TJ Hockenson on third-and-one and was met at the line which is where the ball popped loose and was recovered by the Broncos. Upon review, the Broncos should have been penalized and the Vikings should have had the ball back.

From another angle you can clearly see that Kareem Jackson launched himself helmet-first at Dobbs. Jackson has done this multiple times this season. He's been ejected twice, but this time he was rewarded with a turnover. The Broncos ended up scoring on the ensuing possession. Meanwhile, Dobbs headed to the blue tent to get checked for a concussion. Luckily, he only got hit in the chest.

There should be a hefty fine coming from the NFL for this hit considering Jackson's very recent past transgressions. And after a few more maybe a suspension.