Justin Tucker's 66-Yard Field Goal Set Up By Referees Ignoring Blatant Delay of Game


Justin Tucker set an NFL record as he doinked in a 66-yard field goal as the clock expired to beat the Detroit Lions. It was a brutal way for the Lions to lose because it's a ridiculously long field goal that hit the crossbar and bounced in, but it's even worse when you look at the play before where officials just swallowed their whistles and ignored an obvious delay of game on the Ravens.

That's about as bad as you can miss a delay of game. One, maybe two seconds went by before the ball was snapped to Lamar Jackson who was able to throw it away and set up this field goal.

When people joke about bad things happening to cursed franchises like the Detroit Lions, this is exactly what they're talking about.

The Lions are now 0-3 on the season.