Al Michaels Jinxed Justin Tucker Into a 'Single Doink'

Justin Tucker misses a kick.
Justin Tucker misses a kick. / Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills forced the Baltimore Ravens to attempt a field goal during the first quarter on Saturday night. As Justin Tucker lined up to consider the 41-yard kick, Al Michaels announced that Tucker "almost never misses." Tucker of course felt the sting of the jinx and hit the upright.

What did Michaels have to say for himself? "Another kibosh. What can I tell you?" Michaels then went to commercial dropping a "single doink."

Tucker was, of course, a perfect nine for nine from 40-49 yards this season. It was just his fifth overall miss of the entire season. This is why announcers should just sit in silence and let the players decide what happens on the field.

Update: Tucker doinked again. This time Michaels tried to stay out of the way while the production team did the dirty work.

Next time Tucker lines up to kick, everyone just leave the room. Unless you're rooting for the Bills.