Julian Edelman: If Mac Jones Can Make Pissy Faces He Can Tackle Chandler Jones

Mac Jones
Mac Jones / Chris Unger/GettyImages

The lowlight of Mac Jones' football life happened on Sunday. After Chandler Jones intercepted a very ill-advised Hail Mary lateral, the New England Patriots quarterback was the only thing standing between the Pro Bowl defensive end and a game-winning touchdown. Jones, not particularly athletic, got plowed over by Chandler Jones and was left sitting on the field as the Raiders celebrated one of the craziest ends to an NFL game ever.

There was blame thrown all over the place for how the Patriots blew that game. Some of that blame was directed towards the QB for failing to make the tackle with the game on the line. Which was absolutely the least-problematic part of that play. Jones never should've been in that position to begin with and was standing still as a large defensive lineman came at him with momentum. Some quarterbacks could've made that tackle, but not all of them. Not even most of them.

Such logic did not stop Julian Edelman from going on Inside The NFL and loudly declaring that Jones simply has to make that tackle. When Brandon Marshall pointed out that Jones doesn't practice tackling so it's hard to slam him for not making the play, Edelman said Jones doesn't practice his "pissy faces" yet does them anyway so why can't he make the tackle? Per CBS:

"The season's on the line, you've got to trip him," Edelman said, following up on a point that Ray Lewis was trying to make about the play.

Fellow panelist Brandon Marshall responded by arguing that Jones doesn't practice making tackles, to which Edelman gave a blunt take on a pattern of behavior shown by the Patriots quarterback.

"You know what, he also doesn't practice all the antics after plays and waving off coaches and all these pissy faces and stuff," Edelman said. "He doesn't practice that, and he does it. Why can't he make the tackle? It's bad."

It is at this juncture I feel obligated to point out that Chandler Jones is 6-foot-5, 260 pounds and Mac Jones is 6-foot-3, 214 pounds. Compounded with the aforementioned momentum difference between the two, it was always a losing propisition for Jones. And it's obviously a ridiculous argument by Edelman. He sounds like a WEEI caller. In the worst way possible.

If the game comes down to a quarterback making a game-saving tackle on a defensive end, the criticism should probably be directed towards the people who forced him into that position in the first place. Pissy faces be damned.