Did the NFL Miss a Josh Allen Concussion During Bills Loss to the Jets?

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
Buffalo Bills v New York Jets / Elsa/GettyImages

The New York Jets beat the Buffalo Bills in overtime, 22-16, to wrap up the NFL's first week. Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers was injured just minutes into the game. While Rodgers only lasted one series, Bills quarterback Josh Allen played the entire game. The question is, should he have?

Allen looked like he might have hit his head on the MetLife Stadium turf on two separate occasions. One came while running the ball, the other was while he was throwing his second interception of the game.

Allen looked lost on that replay, but he could have just been reacting to the interception. Still, his play for most of the second half made you wonder if something was wrong. He turned the ball over two more times after that -- another interception and then a fumble on a play where he didn't catch a snap cleanly, then ran into one of his own teammates and lost the ball.

Whether Allen had a concussion or not is really not the point. He looked like he hit his head twice and the concussion spotters didn't raise alarm on either. He certainly should have been checked out in each instance.