Josh Allen Wearing a Big Hat Just Screams 'Playoff Loss'


What I'm about to say will be viewed as a little thing. I do not see it as a little thing. Josh Allen was talking yesterday after the Buffalo Bills' victory over the New England Patriots on Thursday Night Football.

Interesting! Wearing one of those Big Hats.

Of course, Big Hat Guy never gets it. Those that don't get it don't get they don't get it. It's not quarterbackial. I will tell you the quarterbacks I like this weekend: Jared Goff, normal-sized hat. Mahomes, always regular-sized hat. Lamar Jackson doesn't wear a hat. We couldn't find a picture. Brady, last 20 years, no Big Hat. Rodgers, either a beanie or normal hat proportions. Jalen Hurts, to this point, hasn't put on a comically large hat.

I know. It's no big deal ... says the guy who wears a Big Hat. Look at that again. That just says "playoff loss," doesn't it? Doesn't that just say "down 12, sack, fumble, minute and a half to play?" Doesn't say "playoff winner" to me. Says "things are unraveling in Buffalo."

Go ahead. Downplay it. Say it's no big deal. Do me a favor and go find me a picture of a Super Bowl winner. The hat is always proportional to the head.

Flat brims. Curved brims. Trucker hats. I'm not opposed to any of them. As long as they are the traditional dimensions. I'm not opposed to a headband. I'm not opposed to beanies. I'm not opposed to hats.

The last quarterback to push the outer limits with a hat? Cam Newton. We all saw what happened there. It is Big Hat Karma. And it is bad.